Bek + Alex | St Judes Dural Wedding

Dural Wedding | Photographed by Wazza Studio

Tell us about your proposal. 

We flew to Melbourne for the day to celebrate our 2 year anniversary - we had done the same thing for our 1 year anniversary also. A few weeks earlier, I found out he had bought the ring, and I already knew he had asked permission, so I figured something was brewing. Alex spent the flight relatively silent, and was constantly going to the bathroom. This continued once we arrived in Melbourne - we had breakfast at one of our favourite cafes (the Little Mule Cafe), and he barely spoke, barely ate, and was still constantly going to the bathroom. He then suggested we go do some shopping, and so we took an Uber to Docklands to do just that. Although Alex had no interest in shopping - he was distracted, uninterested, and was constantly going to the bathroom. He then asked me to follow him, and we wound up at the Melbourne Star. We had our own bubble, and were enjoying the views despite both of us being afraid of heights. Once we reached the top, I wondered if this was where it was going to happen - the big moment - but the top came and went, and so we started our descent. But! Soon after, when I really wasn’t expecting it, he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. We spent the rest of the day calling friends and family, enjoying a celebratory lunch with champagne, saw a show at the theatre, and upon our return to Sydney had champagne at home with both of our families. It was such a beautiful day, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. All of the little components added up to make it one of the best days of my life. - Bek

Fav part of wedding

Bek & I really enjoyed our wedding AFTER the ceremony. Both of us were very nervous, and ready for the formal part of everything to be over! We loved being able to celebrate with our friends and family in the way that we wanted to celebrate - in a laid back, welcoming, and fun environment. The combination of everything - the location, the decor, the food trucks, the platters, the music - just made everything so calm and enjoyable compared to the craziness that was the lead up to the wedding, and even the ceremony itself! The reception was just so ‘us’, that it’s hard to pinpoint our favourite part of it. Everything together was what made it so special, and a day that both of us hold dear to our hearts. - Alex

What is marriage to you? 

Marriage is promising to love someone unconditionally, whilst not liking them 100% of the time. It’s about the I will’s, not the I do’s, as we think it’s so easy to agree to love someone and to support them when they’re a beautiful/handsome young version of themselves. And it’s all about your relationship with God - if you’ve got a good relationship with Him, then you will see His goodness in your marriage. - Bek & Alex

Hope you enjoy reliving their day!

Ben x



Venue: St Judes Dural | Cars: Kombi Weddings | HMU: Renae Michel Makeup Artistry | Reception Music: Sion & Andrea | Anti-pasta platters Heavenly Platters | Cake: Cake From The Heart | Rings: The Gentleman’s Smith & Her Banana | Dress: Grace Loves Lace | Flowers: DIY | Stationary: DIY